The Daddy Wars

A few days ago on national television in the US, a man made a massive generalization about another man who was the stay at home father to five children. "He's never worked a day in his life" was the phrase that kicked off the war. Which war? The Daddy war.Working Dads and Stay At Home Dads came out of the woodwork to confabulate the choice of … [Read more...]

So what do you do all day?

Have you heard the story about the man who came home from work and found garbage strewn all over his front lawn. His hungry, dirty, children were waiting for him on the front doorstep, one of them was holding a sharp kitchen knife trying to wedge open a jar of Nutella.When he walked inside, he couldn't believe it, the house was almost … [Read more...]

Hi, my name’s Kirsty and I’m a……………….

The Qatar Professional Women's Network became desperate, they needed a speaker, and after scraping the bottom of the barrel, up I popped, in a sparkly top with jazz hands, okay so I had a sparkly top, but my jazz hands didn't make an appearance (it was a dry event).It was one of those great Doha nights, a sea of headscarfs, suits, saris and abayas. … [Read more...]