Do You Have A Querencia?

When I was eighteen and living in a share house in the city, I was interviewed by a communications student who was putting a short film together on young women. She asked me where I felt the happiest, where was my favourite place to be. The answer was instant and I imagine possibly the most generic of any child who grew up where I did. "The … [Read more...]

The Storytellers

My very favourite Uncle as a child, was my Uncle Buck. I'm sure there were many in our family that could never quite understand why I spent so much time at his house. Why would an old man in his seventies hold such an attraction for a young girl?Like a drop-in centre for the homeless, his recliner armchairs became my after school solace. His … [Read more...]

Cut, flick, place. Repeat.

It was almost a rite of passage where I grew up. Each summer as the school year ended we'd watch the fruit ripening and talk about where we'd be "cutting cots". The boys picked, the girls cut - unless your parents owned the property, then you just did whatever you were told to do (and prayed for a bit of tractor time).The temperatures were usually … [Read more...]

The Expat Orange.

We take our fruit seriously where I come from. We've even built a 'Big Orange' as a tourist attraction (that's it on the left). Growing up, everyone around me seemed to be connected by fruit. You either grew it, packed it, picked it or distributed it. My father worked for a Co-operative that sold and marketed it, my mother for an engineering firm … [Read more...]