False Alarm.

I set off this morning with a list of jobs, we have guests arriving next week and I'm doing a few last minute things, you know, like having the spare room painted! I rang G this morning to tell him I hadn't been able to get to the mall as there'd been a fire. As I drove closer to the building I could see they were diverting traffic and had closed … [Read more...]

Get ya knickers off.

Day three and I remain without a voice. I finally gave in yesterday and went to the clinic. I had a temp of 39, a throat that felt like it was coated in glue and the cough was just starting to gain momentum. The doctor placed her tongue depressor in my mouth, took two steps back, screwed up her nose and then threw the tongue depressor towards the … [Read more...]

The Prince

G has been in London. The house takes on a different feel when he's not around. The expectation that usually builds at about 6pm just isn't there, the front door will not open to a squeal of "DADDY!"Last night we ate early. Everyone was looking a little tired from their weekend. After we'd gone through the incredibly exciting routine that is bath, … [Read more...]