Lamb Pies

The lucky dinner box continues to be a success. With a lucky dip "who will win" draw each Saturday morning, the schedule is filled, dinner plan done and shopping trip made. Last night was Lamb Pies, happily one of the birthday boy's favourites. After the Sunday roast post Katherine asked if I'd post more family recipes so here it is. We've … [Read more...]

How to Make a Pavlova

Henry Hotdog and I loaded our first video onto Periscope yesterday. Have you downloaded the app? It allows you to share a little piece of your world in realtime via video. I'm not sure why I chose to make my first foray onto Periscope with the perfect weekend morning combo of no bra, pyjamas and greasy hair - I think I may have got a bit excited … [Read more...]

Get ya knickers off – again

I've been told that you'll realize you've become truly local in the Middle East when you stop explaining to friends at home that Friday is actually Saturday, and Saturday is now Sunday.I'm obviously not a local yet.Our weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday. Sunday mornings are no longer sleep ins and Sunday papers, they're back to school and … [Read more...]