Just. Look. At. That.

When we were home over the Summer holidays (which were technically the winter holidays because we were in Australia), I spent a lot of time in the car with The Little Travellers. At least once a day I would stop the car on the side of the road and declare "look at that, would you JUST Look. At. That". One of the travellers would then sigh out loud … [Read more...]

Jesus, Lily and James.

Up until today, I had very wrongly believed that when it came to religion and The Little Travelers, I had it covered. It appears that I was wrong, very wrong. It seems that while I'd been busy concentrating on being kosher, on making sure our Mosques and Temples were covered, I'd left out a few minor details. It was information I was sure … [Read more...]

The Family Unit

The Third Little Traveler is learning units in Math. In the middle of explaining that units come in singles, then tens and hundreds, he stopped with a question. What's a family unit? Why do they call it that? How can all those people be just one unit? I had no idea, so my answer had nothing to do with math and a lot to do with sentiment. … [Read more...]

Losing your dignity in Doha

It was a day of performances. The first performance involved G and I sitting in the front row of the elementary school music room. With grins from ear to ear, we watched the second little traveler play Grandma in Little Red Riding Hood. She was fantastic. She was particularly fantastic because she suffers from incredible stage fright.G and I had … [Read more...]

Dear John (Cusack)

  I've seen the headlines while standing at the checkout in the supermarket. The villain, the cheat. What was he thinking? Brad and Jennifer, Sandra and Jesse, Reese and Ryan. And now, I can't believe I'm saying this, its John and Kirsty (or Jorsty) as the press commonly refers to us. Yes, I'm as shocked as you are. Some of you may … [Read more...]

Hi, my name’s Kirsty and I’m a……………….

The Qatar Professional Women's Network became desperate, they needed a speaker, and after scraping the bottom of the barrel, up I popped, in a sparkly top with jazz hands, okay so I had a sparkly top, but my jazz hands didn't make an appearance (it was a dry event).It was one of those great Doha nights, a sea of headscarfs, suits, saris and abayas. … [Read more...]

I’m six and I’m examining my options.

Photographer Angie Hill - son BraxtonThis evening at the dinner table our second Little Traveler was telling a story with genuine empathy and concern. In a hushed voice and a very serious tone she shared her story with the other little travelers. As they leaned in closer she told them about the little girl who was "death".  She had been "death" … [Read more...]

She done good with those pies.

It all started with a picture of my lamb pies. I'd spent the morning baking with the children and was feeling very proud of my culinary achievements. If you had seen some of my previous cooking efforts you'd understand why. Perhaps I was overly excited when I decided to share my lamb pies with the world on Facebook, but I was very, VERY proud of my … [Read more...]

Making the world smaller

Qatar is currently hosting the Asian Cup. Which means the city has a few extra football/soccer (depends where you're from) players and fans wandering its streets.  As well as playing host to our visitors, The Asian Cup also provides an opportunity for locals and expatriates to cheer their home country along.For an Australian, it means we have to … [Read more...]

Have you tried the cock flavoured noodles?

Reading a menu can be tricky when you're traveling. It can be as simple as prawns versus shrimp, eggplant versus aubergine or the ever controversial coriander versus cilantro. Globally, we all have our different way of saying things. Where it can get really interesting though, is when the English translation just doesn't translate. In … [Read more...]