Of Use

Mothers can easily be of use.I'm thirsty.Here's a glass of water.I've got an owie.Let me kiss it better.Where are my shin pads?Check in the brown bag next to the shoe cupboard.I don't have a shirt for soccer.What about the yellow one from Canada?I need money for the field trip.Bring me my purse.Can you wake me up early?Let me teach you how to set … [Read more...]

How was your day really?

It's no big deal.How was your day?Three children had vaccinations, one had a trip to the orthodontist - you bribed them with a donut before dropping them all to school. Later, you picked everyone up, one went to guitar lessons, one went to the library and two stayed with you. Dinner was easy - salmon, everyone was in bed by 8.30 after they'd done … [Read more...]

I Am Not Disappearing

I did something really naughty the other night.I told someone to bugger off. Actually it was worse than that, but my mother reads this blog which she then prints out for my Father so we'll just pretend I said bugger.It wasn't my intention to be so vocal, but listening to a man who began so many of his sentences with "the problem with women" or "you … [Read more...]

This Could Be Your Year

"I just want this year to be over"A girlfriend of mine has had a completely crapola year. It began with the cliche discovery of a text on her husband's phone, and then somehow she gained a starring role in his midlife crises. The past six months have been more than a train wreck, the train not only derailed, it exploded, and a series of events have … [Read more...]

Ask Me A Question

I'm not sure if it's appropriate to make light of your children while they are under the influence of drugs, but when the second little traveller had her latest ear operation, she came out of the operating theatre completely off her face.As they wheeled her out of the elevators she gave me a big swooping wave from the end of the corridor. … [Read more...]

My Democracy, My Dictatorship

  The third little traveler wasn't happy with a decision that had been made. As he left the room he muttered "I hate you, you're just so mean". I'd just removed the iPod from his hands and ordered him outside to kick the football with his brother. So mean.  We are in week six of school holidays (we have five more to go). G's been back in … [Read more...]

The Best Advice.

  At the birthday party of a ten year old girl, a group of mothers looked on anxiously while talking about their children. While the little girls danced to Taylor Swift and compared their collection of silly bands, the mothers were deep in discussion. "How long did you breastfeed for? Was it exclusive or did you supplement with a … [Read more...]

Power Walking.

Our morning routine has involved a few adjustments this year. We are now spread across several sections of a very large school which means three separate drop off points. With changes in security, getting in and out of the school has become somewhat similar to making it through the Los Angeles airport with a swiss army knife and set of pruning … [Read more...]

It’s not rocket science.

All four little faces spun in my direction at breakneck speed."WHAT?" said one."You can't!" said another"Noooooooooooo" said the eldest little traveler."You're not allowed to go away" they chorused.I was flattered, but a little bemused."Dad just went to London and no-one said a word? How come?""Because you're the Mum, because you're always here, we … [Read more...]

I kept my children a secret

I was 31 when I had my first child. We'd been living in Jakarta for 5 months when she was born. I was a long way from family but I had an amazing support network of friends and fellow new mothers to talk to. When I think about how we got together for coffee while talking about nappy rash, boobs and bottles - I also remember a lot of conversations … [Read more...]