Two Hours and Fifty Two Minutes

The conversations that were filled with nothing, but meaning everything, began when I went to boarding school. I would gather the 20 cent pieces from the side of my school bag and make my way through the poorly lit corridors towards the office. When I wasn't ringing her, she was ringing me, a voice would carry through the stairwell "phone call for … [Read more...]

The best place to be a Mother

So, the best place to be a mother is Norway. If you're in Australia and Iceland, don't panic, you're equal second. Britain, you're number 10, Canada comes in 20th and America, how times have changed, America, you're number 31. According to a study released this week, from the 12th Annual Save the Children's Mothers index, which measures the … [Read more...]

An Australian Malteser in Doha

The Little Travelers were all born in different countries.  I think a lot of people expect that if you were born in Malaysia or Malta you would automatically qualify for a passport. Unfortunately not, it's quite the opposite. Sitting in my hospital bed, shortly after delivering our daughter in Kuala Lumpur I was brought a form to sign. When I asked … [Read more...]

What day is it?

There are some things that stay the same no matter where you live. Last year for Mothers Day we were in Houston. The little travelers presented me home made cards with adorable spelling errors and scratchy handwriting. Songs were sang, poems were written and number 3 came back from a shopping expedition with his father and said "it's a secret, we … [Read more...]