If you’re going to be me tomorrow……

Imagine if you had to give up your life for one day and hand it over to someone else. What would you tell them? What advice/instruction would you provide to get through the day. I'm taking part in a writing workshop this week. It's both terrifying and exhilarating at the same time. I could sit and listen to my classmates stories for hours but my … [Read more...]

Monotonous poking

As we get older our quality of sleep deteriorates.  I know this because Richard Fidler told me on a podcast today and I believe everything that man tells me. I also know this because my children meet each evening with clipboards and stopwatches to synchronize and plan 'operation deep wrinkles', this involves an hourly, rigorous, make her open her … [Read more...]

The best place to be a Mother

So, the best place to be a mother is Norway. If you're in Australia and Iceland, don't panic, you're equal second. Britain, you're number 10, Canada comes in 20th and America, how times have changed, America, you're number 31. According to a study released this week, from the 12th Annual Save the Children's Mothers index, which measures the … [Read more...]