Christmas in the Middle East.

So what's it like to spend Christmas in the Middle East?Earlier this week I wrote something for the Telegraph observing that "Christmas in Doha can be a little bit like looking for the lid to a tupperware container in the back of your cupboard, you know it's there - you just have to search for it".It's possible if you're living in the west, … [Read more...]

Have you tried the cock flavoured noodles?

Reading a menu can be tricky when you're traveling. It can be as simple as prawns versus shrimp, eggplant versus aubergine or the ever controversial coriander versus cilantro. Globally, we all have our different way of saying things. Where it can get really interesting though, is when the English translation just doesn't translate. In … [Read more...]

My People

I was completely unaware I was feeling the way I was, until the tears came.For the past few weeks just about everyone I knew had asked what we were doing for Christmas. I'd cheerfully responded that we were staying in Doha. I'd listed the practicalities of how expensive it is to fly home, the excess baggage carrying presents back and forth, how … [Read more...]

Do you know Elle McPherson?

Every Australian who has traveled overseas has been asked or told at least one dumb thing about Australia. Do we speak English? Are there really kangaroos hopping down the street? My personal favourite so far  "Do you have the internet in Australia"?Canadians still get asked if they live in igloos, Brits are offered tea at breakfast because "we … [Read more...]

The Expat Woman

Expat women have a terrible reputation. Gin swilling, lazy, diamond dripping, drunk by lunch time, double kissing, designer handbag owning, do I need to go on? "In my next life I'm coming back as an expat wife" scoffed a middle aged man at my partner's Christmas party. We'd just agreed to head to Jakarta - from our Australian home.  Over the … [Read more...]

The Press Room

I've always had a bit of a love affair with journalists. Throughout my 20's I surrounded myself with girlfriends who worked in media. I could try and tell you it was because I'd always had a love of news and sharing a yarn but I think it may have been more the fact that most Journo's shared my love of a drink and they never wanted to go home … [Read more...]

Guess who’s coming to Doha?!

It's 9 days until the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and I know a secret about who's coming.I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that now that John Cusack and I are friends he's decided to drop everything and make a trip over to spend some quality time with the little travelers and the beagle. Can't you just see John and I doing the school run … [Read more...]

Extreme weather

The month of May in Doha means we are now technically in Spring.  Summer begins around the middle of June. So, having said that,  the weather here this week has been around 42 degrees all week, (for my North American friends thats about 107). Yes, that's right, 42......all week, and they tell me it's only the beginning. I've heard from the locals … [Read more...]