No more.

Imagine holding a bbq in your backyard. The food is passed around, people are laughing and then the conversation switches from how well the garden is growing to politics. You've heard the Prime Minister/President is in town. Immediately everyone begins to speak in a hushed tone, you gather closer together to hear the story. One of you has some … [Read more...]

It’s time to evacuate

If you've watched the news recently you've probably caught glimpses of those who have fled. Thousands of people trying to cross a boarder in a scramble for safety. There's the reunion scenes at airports, husbands hugging wives for longer than usual, families re-united. Ever wondered what it's like to be evacuated? When we arrived in Jakarta eleven … [Read more...]

The Expat Orange.

We take our fruit seriously where I come from. We've even built a 'Big Orange' as a tourist attraction (that's it on the left). Growing up, everyone around me seemed to be connected by fruit. You either grew it, packed it, picked it or distributed it. My father worked for a Co-operative that sold and marketed it, my mother for an engineering firm … [Read more...]