Spoons with Hair.

Last year when I returned to Australia for the school holidays, I turned on the television and was greeted by a large number of spoons with hair. Women who I had identified with for most of my life, were looking a little "unusual". They were shiny, smooth replicas of themselves. The men? The men looked exactly the same, just a little older. Oh hang … [Read more...]


I grew up with an older sister, so when G and I found out we were pregnant with the second little traveler I secretly crossed my fingers for another little girl. We all got lucky. It's not that my relationship with my sister is perfect (far from it), but I can't imagine life without her being there, being my sister. If you ever want to see me bite, … [Read more...]

Who is Brigitte Lacombe?

Doha doesn't do anything on a small scale. If you build an outdoor theatre you make it a huge marble amphitheater with mind blowing acoustics and have a spectacular backdrop of the ocean.  It leaves you speechless for the first two minutes of laying eyes on it. If you build a soccer stadium you make it the first outdoor solar cooled stadium in the … [Read more...]