I’ve been to the desert…

Yesterday when I picked up the little travelers from school, Henry Hotdog's kindergarten teacher had something to tell me. "You have to tell your Mummy about the poem you wrote today Henry - can you tell her?" The hotdog considered the proposal for a moment and then proceeded to pull my head down towards his. In my ear he whispered."A poem - by … [Read more...]

Dancing with Knives

A large part of grief is fear, and my fear is grief. I don't want it near me, yet like a suspense thriller, I know it will come, maybe not in the first or second act, but it will come.Death is life.I'm currently in the scene of the movie where it's sunny and everyone is happily playing in the park. It's still early, the relationships have been … [Read more...]

Posh Shopping

When we lived in Libya we were the healthiest we'd ever been in our lives. We shopped at the bakery for bread, the vegetable stand for produce and the butchers for meat. Any thing else came from a small grocery store. It was back to basics. There was no McDonalds, no Pizza Hut, we were pretty well preservative free, and of course, there was no pub … [Read more...]

How do you make an Aussie?

Ask any expat how they keep ties with their home country and the answers will usually be similar. Some make a concerted effort to travel "home" regularly, some Skype with family and friends, maybe they keep themselves updated with Facebook or perhaps they have that regular ET moment each week, where they, 'phone home'.If you're an expat parent, … [Read more...]

So what do you do all day?

Have you heard the story about the man who came home from work and found garbage strewn all over his front lawn. His hungry, dirty, children were waiting for him on the front doorstep, one of them was holding a sharp kitchen knife trying to wedge open a jar of Nutella.When he walked inside, he couldn't believe it, the house was almost … [Read more...]

I’m six and I’m examining my options.

Photographer Angie Hill - son BraxtonThis evening at the dinner table our second Little Traveler was telling a story with genuine empathy and concern. In a hushed voice and a very serious tone she shared her story with the other little travelers. As they leaned in closer she told them about the little girl who was "death".  She had been "death" … [Read more...]