The Zombie Apocalypse or Just a Family Dealing with Jet-lag?

A girlfriend of mine has just landed in China. It's about to become her new home. Over the past week, through the miracle that is Facebook, I've kept up with her packing the house, saying final goodbyes and then boarding the plane with her three children. Tonight's update is that they've arrived and are out to dinner. They've been awake for what … [Read more...]

Geographical Purgatory

There was turbulence on the flight. It woke me up. My eyes were barely open as I reached across and grabbed the third little travelers arm."Are you okay - are you scared?""No - I like it" he grinned."Ask Annie if she's scared"He leaned over and lifted an earphone from his sister's ear. "Are you scared? Do you want me to hold your hand"She looked at … [Read more...]