My World’s Not Like Your World

I've been trying to think of an equivalent situation. Of how this would look in my world. Or is it my old world? I don't know, maybe it's just the world that kind of makes sense, sometimes.I'd be living somewhere where I'd been affected by flood. Perhaps Queensland? I'd have children, one of which would be a baby. My partner would be earning a very … [Read more...]

Coffee and Cake.

I have a friend who lives in China. She's Scottish. Her husband is English and when her children want to really drive her mad, they tell they might be 51% English. If you thought the Americans were patriotic it's possible you're yet to hear a group of Scots break in to a rendition of Flower of Scotland.We met in the lounge room of a British nurse … [Read more...]

It’s time to evacuate

If you've watched the news recently you've probably caught glimpses of those who have fled. Thousands of people trying to cross a boarder in a scramble for safety. There's the reunion scenes at airports, husbands hugging wives for longer than usual, families re-united. Ever wondered what it's like to be evacuated? When we arrived in Jakarta eleven … [Read more...]

The Expat Orange.

We take our fruit seriously where I come from. We've even built a 'Big Orange' as a tourist attraction (that's it on the left). Growing up, everyone around me seemed to be connected by fruit. You either grew it, packed it, picked it or distributed it. My father worked for a Co-operative that sold and marketed it, my mother for an engineering firm … [Read more...]

For Sophie and Belle

I was 5 months pregnant when we moved to Jakarta. It was January 2000 and there were still remnants of burnt out buildings from the 1998 riots. When you met people it came up in the conversation early, they wanted to know how long you'd been around. Were you living here in the riots? Everyone had their own evacuation story, where they were, how it … [Read more...]