Let’s get moving

The scene is very clear in my mind, one of those moments in time you remember so well you can smell and almost feel it when it comes back to visit you. I was 9 months pregnant with our 2nd little traveler, we were living in Malaysia and it had been the pregnancy from hell. I'd lost 10 kilo's. Going to the obstetrician was similar to going to a … [Read more...]

For Sophie and Belle

I was 5 months pregnant when we moved to Jakarta. It was January 2000 and there were still remnants of burnt out buildings from the 1998 riots. When you met people it came up in the conversation early, they wanted to know how long you'd been around. Were you living here in the riots? Everyone had their own evacuation story, where they were, how it … [Read more...]

Getting nude with the locals

"It's probably best we don't take the little travelers", was the advice from G. A few people from the office had mentioned it wasn't pleasant. He was talking about our appointment for a medical. To obtain a residents permit you have to have a government medical. RP's are essential for survival in Doha, RP's are required for an alcohol permit. You … [Read more...]