Do You Have A Querencia?

When I was eighteen and living in a share house in the city, I was interviewed by a communications student who was putting a short film together on young women. She asked me where I felt the happiest, where was my favourite place to be. The answer was instant and I imagine possibly the most generic of any child who grew up where I did. "The … [Read more...]

Corridors with Life.

I'm at Granny Max's house. It's one of those old Australian country houses with an enclosed verandah and jarrah wooden floorboards. It has beautiful old rooms separated by big thick stone walls, rooms which have become the home of family events. There's a dining room (Christmas and big family gatherings), a formal lounge (barely used) and another … [Read more...]

In the back of my mind…

In the back of my mind is a little room. It has a swinging door, much the same as you would find in a restaurant leading into a kitchen. Don't be deceived by its size, its a busy little room, the phone is constantly ringing and it's full of overflowing boxes that have been stacked on top of each other. On a daily basis the door swings open, usually … [Read more...]

The Other Stuff

Our house in Libya was one of my favourites. Sure, it had a resident rat living in the clothes dryer pipe, a very inconsistent electricity source and random pipes that would burst causing water to inexplicably shoot through a wall at any given hour of the day - but I loved that house. A lot happened in that house.When our shipment arrived in … [Read more...]

Take a picture in your mind.

In the week leading up to our wedding a good friend of mine, a guy I'd known for years, quietly offered a suggestion for the big day. Momentous occasions such as weddings, births and deaths seem to attract well meaning recommendations - sometimes they don't apply, this one I've kept and reused."At some stage during the evening, walk away. Find a … [Read more...]

Free range

My hometown, the one I grew up in, the one where my parents live, is about a four hour drive from the beach house. It's a drive I think I could almost do blindfolded. It's the drive that took us on 'trips to the city' when I was a kid. For a few years it was the bus ride to boarding school, later it was the trip home for camping trips, 21st parties … [Read more...]

Where’s home for you?

If you're new in town, the question is inevitable. Whether it's just a conversation starter or a need to 'place' each other, we're often trying to find the familiar ground. I was asked this morning, and I did the same thing I always do. Every time. I hesitate for a moment as I picture my small country town. There's a house with a willow tree and … [Read more...]