Extended family

We're back! The internet is a little shaky (I often find myself pointing the laptop towards the sun) but we are back in contact with the outside world. We have moved in to our compound and the little travelers are very happy with their new lifestyle. Things are looking a little dodgy with our shipment. After being told it was in Doha we were then … [Read more...]

Family traditions

Last night G and I were invited to a party. The party was hosted by a wonderful Irish couple who are both stereotypically short, funny, drunken and mischievous. About an hour after arriving without any warning one of our host' handed us a photocopied song book with a bit of tinsel thread through the standard hole punch groove. He then took his … [Read more...]

Getting nude with the locals

"It's probably best we don't take the little travelers", was the advice from G. A few people from the office had mentioned it wasn't pleasant. He was talking about our appointment for a medical. To obtain a residents permit you have to have a government medical. RP's are essential for survival in Doha, RP's are required for an alcohol permit. You … [Read more...]

I hope you sleep with your eyes open

Yesterday was challenging but I coped like a good Australian. I finished the evening with a good bottle of red and a few cheeky beers at a very seedy hidden bar. Yesterday morning G received an email from the office advising him that his "temporary" stay at the hotel was over and we would be moving to a serviced apartment the following day. A quick … [Read more...]

The Little Travelers

We have been at the hotel for just over a week now and it is becoming very evident that we are ALL feeling a little comfortable with our new lifestyle. My heart starts to beat a little faster every time I think about leaving my turned down sheets. Each day the laundry arrives in beautifully wrapped parcels and I thank the housekeeping guy as if he … [Read more...]