So Close.

For some of you, perhaps those in South Africa and Australia, it's the middle of the year. Winter has arrived and life is moving along at its usual speed, you may even notice that you're settling in and the schedule is beginning to make sense. For others in the Northern Hemisphere it's a whole different story.My girlfriend Cathy, once described the … [Read more...]

Mind the Gap.

Years ago a family friend told me the story of the three boys who lived miles from town on a farm that ran along the side of the river. Their weekends were often spent fishing or on motorbikes, heading in to town was a time-consuming and expensive exercise.Their parents saved for years for a once in a lifetime family holiday and took them to the US … [Read more...]

If you can’t write anything nice…

I travelled to London with a tooth in my pocket.The third little traveler had been taunting us all week with his wobbly tooth, it was dangling by a thread. Every time someone offered advice on how to remove his baby tusk they were met with the same explanation."I'm trying to keep it until I get to London - a British pound is worth much more than a … [Read more...]

Holiday Limbo.

"Assume and you make an ass out of you and me" - Oscar WildeWe've been planning this holiday for a year.During the week, my girlfriend Krissy and I had discussed the paperwork involved with traveling with a family of six. I'd talked about the drama of having to have passports up to date and residents permits updated. I had a quick look at my own … [Read more...]

Is your Santa fat or skinny?

During our time in Libya I became friends with woman called Petra who was from the Netherlands. Petra was tall, skinny, blonde, blue eyed and had beautiful olive skin, she was a nightmare to stand next to at the pool. Unfortunately for white pasty me, we were in Libya which is really hot, so we had to stand by the pool a lot.When we weren't … [Read more...]

What are you celebrating?

Like most people, I'm a big fan of public holidays. Growing up in rural Australia meant we celebrated the bog standard Australian Public and Christian holidays, whether it was the Queens birthday, ANZAC day or Easter, I loved the anticipation that came with the lead up to a "long weekend".When I became an Expat, the holidays I had grown up with and … [Read more...]

My People

I was completely unaware I was feeling the way I was, until the tears came.For the past few weeks just about everyone I knew had asked what we were doing for Christmas. I'd cheerfully responded that we were staying in Doha. I'd listed the practicalities of how expensive it is to fly home, the excess baggage carrying presents back and forth, how … [Read more...]

For Sophie and Belle

I was 5 months pregnant when we moved to Jakarta. It was January 2000 and there were still remnants of burnt out buildings from the 1998 riots. When you met people it came up in the conversation early, they wanted to know how long you'd been around. Were you living here in the riots? Everyone had their own evacuation story, where they were, how it … [Read more...]

Where was I born?

We were in Malta. We'd rented an apartment with a spectacular view of the Mediterranean in a town called Sliema. The Mediterranean part was great. The leaky pipes, moldy bathroom and dodgy elevator (we were on the 6th floor) was not so great. I didn't care though, we weren't in Libya anymore and we'd made it. Safe. We'd flown in the morning … [Read more...]

What’s your number?

A child arrived at my front door yesterday, he politely rang the bell and greeted me as "Mrs 28". I'm guessing he was around seven years old. We had a quick chat about the whereabouts of the little travelers and what number house he lived in. He had a gorgeous grin and impeccable manners. Please try to imagine the look on my face when I asked what … [Read more...]