The Little Black Dress of Chocolate Cakes

My mother rang me the other morning, after two or three minutes of talking she asked in a very motherly way "do you have a cold? You sound like you have a cold?" I told her no I was just a bit croaky. I felt fine. Later that night I realized I had been struck down with a head cold from hell. How do mothers do that?Over the weekend my neighbour … [Read more...]

Get Your Knickers Off – part 4

"I need vegetables"That was my only request for this weekends "Get your knickers off" meal by G. If you haven't heard where the GYKO came from, have a look over here.We'd celebrated a little too well at the Australian and New Zealand ball on Thursday night. Friday we were out again at a 50th birthday party which involved a 1.00am finish and a few … [Read more...]

Get Your Knickers Off – Part 3

Holidays in London are exciting, busy and really freaking expensive. As much I kept telling myself that the museums and parks were free, we still managed to hemorrhage cash on an hourly basis. At the end of our holiday we came home a little fatter, a little poorer and a little overtired. It was a fantastic family experience, but definitely not a … [Read more...]

Get ya knickers off – again

I've been told that you'll realize you've become truly local in the Middle East when you stop explaining to friends at home that Friday is actually Saturday, and Saturday is now Sunday.I'm obviously not a local yet.Our weekend in Qatar is Friday and Saturday. Sunday mornings are no longer sleep ins and Sunday papers, they're back to school and … [Read more...]