Geographical Triggers

It's the reindeers.We had three of them in our front yard in Canada. I'd never seen them before living in North America, and I thought they were hysterical. Is it fair to say that the majority of the population does lights in North America over the Holiday season? Everyone on our street did. It didn't matter which religion or nationality - there … [Read more...]

Geographical Purgatory

There was turbulence on the flight. It woke me up. My eyes were barely open as I reached across and grabbed the third little travelers arm."Are you okay - are you scared?""No - I like it" he grinned."Ask Annie if she's scared"He leaned over and lifted an earphone from his sister's ear. "Are you scared? Do you want me to hold your hand"She looked at … [Read more...]

Seven Days From So Far Away

Photo SourceI came back from the beach this morning and delayered. Off came the heavy winter coat, the scarfe, the second shirt. It was 17 degrees but the cloud had covered the sun and the wind was making us squint as we searched the sand for our growing sea glass collection. I checked my phone and noticed the weather in Qatar, 41 degrees.It feels … [Read more...]

The Novelty of Rain

Doha has an annual rainfall of roughly 75 mm per year. You can count the number of times it rains on one hand, possibly two if its been a big year. When it does rain, it doesn't last for long, but it's always a BIG event. If you've ever watched a movie that included a scene about when the drought broke, you'll be familiar with the moment where … [Read more...]

Geographical Schizophrenia

In the week leading up to our trip away, I was acting as a tourguide for our guests from Australia. I love living in Qatar and I tend to get a little overexcited about the opportunities available when living here. By the end of the week I'd worked myself into such a frenzy, I was thinking of lining up job interviews for our guests. I had no idea if … [Read more...]

Geographical Schizophrenia

After spending 10 weeks in an Australian winter our arrival back to Qatar in mid August seems obscenely hot and sticky.  As we walk from the plane across the tarmac, Little Traveler number 4 expresses what we are all thinking with one long "HOOOOOOOOOOOOT". As I look across the horizon I can see the familiar desert haze, the middle eastern styled … [Read more...]