Friends, Old and New.

This weekend is the weekend for old friends. Women who stood by my side with their make-up melting off of their faces and perspiration running down their legs, while G and I exchanged our vows. It was one of the hottest days in all history in my hometown on the day we married, the groomsmen were not loving their three piece suits. This weekend I … [Read more...]

Has Anyone Seen the Remote?

Years ago, in a different location, a girlfriend of mine shared a story about her weekend. She and her husband had been to a dinner party at a friend's home. They were all expats and had begun to rely on each other in a way that expats do in the absence of family and old friends. Half way through the evening, after the consumption of alcohol, their … [Read more...]


Does an expat ever really say goodbye? Or do they just agree to meet at the next location?I'd been in Jakarta for about three days when the first person asked me if I knew Belinda. When I met her, I realized it was more of a statement than a question. It was a you really NEED to meet this girl, which was usually followed by a "she's great fun, … [Read more...]

When are we allowed to get old?

Ask any little girl how old she is and its highly probable the answer will involve how old she'd like to be or is about to be. She's never just six, she's six and a half. My ten year old is constantly reminding me that she is soon to be eleven. Do you remember that feeling? Desperately wanting to be older? Dreaming about the freedom each milestone … [Read more...]