Zip, Buzz, Whoosh, Gone.

I'm not sure how it happened, but yesterday we all ended up sitting on my bed. Everyone except Dad, he was at work. You saw the title of a blog on my computer, an old post from last year - it was called "Lunch Monitors" and you asked me to read it.You had no idea it was all about you.I hadn't read it out loud to any of you before - it's one of … [Read more...]

You Can Call Me…

A friend of mine, lets call him John, decided as a young boy that he was going to change his name. He came up with something perfect, something that would last a lifetime. When he announced to his family that he would now be known as "Jolly Roger" they took him seriously. From that day on, John was merely a name for those who didn't know better, … [Read more...]