Do You Have A Querencia?

When I was eighteen and living in a share house in the city, I was interviewed by a communications student who was putting a short film together on young women. She asked me where I felt the happiest, where was my favourite place to be. The answer was instant and I imagine possibly the most generic of any child who grew up where I did. "The … [Read more...]

The Rise of The Expat Mummy Blogger

In my first few weeks of blogging I wrote solely to tell stories of our experience moving to Doha. I then shared those posts (while cringing at the grammatical errors) on my Facebook page with family and friends.I figured that was what a blog was for, kind of like having your own web page. I also thought it killed all of those group emails that I'd … [Read more...]

Living the "Suite" life.

After an evening of jet-lagged musical beds we awoke to our first morning in Doha. Our hotel suite would normally be enormous but with 4 children and 20 suitcases (the beagle is at the kennel) it has the feel of luxury camping. The hotel has very kindly upgraded us to a suite so we have a dining table that seats 8, a lounge area that has been … [Read more...]