Doha – Reinvent yourself

We arrived in Doha just a few weeks after the 2009 Doha Tribeca Film Festival, which meant any magazine in a hotel foyer, coffee shop or dentist' office still had a reminiscent photograph of DeNiro or Scorsese in the first few pages. I read every article fascinated with who was in town and the beauty of the Festival, they had films screened in … [Read more...]

Guess who’s coming to Doha?!

It's 9 days until the Doha Tribeca Film Festival and I know a secret about who's coming.I know what you're thinking. You're thinking that now that John Cusack and I are friends he's decided to drop everything and make a trip over to spend some quality time with the little travelers and the beagle. Can't you just see John and I doing the school run … [Read more...]