Eton Mess Success

It was a long overdue thank-you.The initial horror of leaving the children for 6 weeks wasn't just about not being with them, it was about the logistics. How, where, when and what. G and I tossed around lots of ideas. We thought about taking the children out of school and staying with Granny, or bringing someone from Australia to be here with them. … [Read more...]

Put Your Pants On

A girlfriend sent out a text this morning "anyone up for coffee/lunch at the markets?"I was sitting in bed, slurping my coffee in my nightie. The market sounded great, I love the markets, I also love my girlfriend."Would I have to put my pants on?" was my reply.She let me know that pants were an essential requirement, not her fault of course, it … [Read more...]

It’s Oh So Quiet.

Remember the Bjork song?It's oh, so, quiet.It's oh, so, still.You're all alone.And so peaceful until.My phone sent me a reminder.Pinch and a punch for the first day of the month.It's not my message, it's the first little travellers. Our technology syncs and I'm constantly reminded of her world. Pinches and punches, Talking Tom, and Kik.The second … [Read more...]

Deny The Goodbye.

I made the decision to live as a recluse shortly after hearing I needed to be at home for six weeks without my family.It made perfect sense to me, to lock myself away. I didn't want to talk to people about the children, and if they were missing me. I didn't want to see anyone else's children, I knew it would just remind me of what I was missing. I … [Read more...]

Relaxing the Ying

Although he's understandably tired, it's fair to say G is proving to be very good at parenting without me. In fact it wouldn't be unfair to suggest he's taken it a step further. Some may say, well, I think he's just showing off now.I'm told there are no more last minute dashes to school. The little travellers have let me know that when you go with … [Read more...]

Waiting For That Big Thing

In the lead up to leaving Doha, there were many times I told friends I wanted to wake up tomorrow and discover it was December 13th. I just wanted to skip all the hard bits. I didn't want to leave the children. I didn't want to go to hospital. I didn't want the catheters or the recovery process. I couldn't imagine going through any of it without G. … [Read more...]

Pity About Your Pity

I was listening to an interview recently with a woman called Ruth Muir who was orphaned at age 11. The interview wasn't so much about her being orphaned but really the series of circumstances in her life that led her to find out more about her parents. In her clipped but warm English accent, Ruth spoke of memories of her childhood, her parents, … [Read more...]

The Drugs Don’t Work

Often, in the middle of a story, well, maybe more of a question than a story - I'll be explaining how I feel or something that's happened with the children and it will all suddenly become clear to me. The answer is obvious, it was there all the time. I didn't need to ask anyone - I just needed to talk it through.Sometimes, we just need to say it … [Read more...]

I’m Here but I’m Not Here

I'm here, but I'm not.I'm not really listening.I'm consulting google on a regular basis. Mid email, I'll return to the keywords: urethra, diverticulum, recovery, complications. I read everyone's story, and then snap out of it and realize I have no idea how I'll recover. I cannot plan this.And then I try to plan it.I count backwards from Christmas … [Read more...]

A Bump and a Hurdle.

Expat life has its bumps and hurdles, but there is one sure way to bring it to a grinding halt.Get sick.Obviously I'm not talking about a cold, or a bout of tonsillitis. You'll need a surprise illness or diagnosis to really stop you in your tracks. Something that will have you wondering if you need to go home.I walked out of the urologist's office … [Read more...]