The Beagle

Before the beagle, when we were beagleless, we were of the firm belief that it was irresponsible to have a dog and travel. We were never going to do that. Every time we spotted a dog that potentially could have become ours, we'd have the same conversation again and one of us would convince the other it would be something to look forward to when we … [Read more...]

Buckle up kids, Mummy’s going Cross Country

I love living in Doha. I love the excitement you feel amongst the people here, the visible growth and the constant change. It's a true melting pot. Doha has an energy I've not felt before and the city is growing faster than most of us can keep up with.There's definitely some repercussions of rapid growth though and in Doha it comes in the form of … [Read more...]

Extreme weather

The month of May in Doha means we are now technically in Spring.  Summer begins around the middle of June. So, having said that,  the weather here this week has been around 42 degrees all week, (for my North American friends thats about 107). Yes, that's right, 42......all week, and they tell me it's only the beginning. I've heard from the locals … [Read more...]