Don’t Mention the Keg.

One of my favourite photos is a shot of G and my father. It was taken on our wedding day. The picture is more of a candid shot, one of those precious captured moments where people aren't standing square to the camera with frozen smiles on their faces.There were over one hundred people assembled on my parents front lawn enjoying pre dinner drinks … [Read more...]

There was just nothing, but home.

My mother was a city girl.If there's one story I heard when I was growing up, oh, let me see, perhaps three hundred and sixty thousand times? It was the story of my mothers first trip to Renmark. It's not so much a story, but a moment. The moment when the bus made its way out of the city, and headed north to the top of Accommodation Hill, which is … [Read more...]

The Facebook

Last week Facebook informed me that one of my "friends" was having a birthday. That friend was my father. We've been friends for awhile now, I guess our friendship really bloomed when he drove me home as a newborn from the hospital.With his brand new iPad for Christmas, my father became the final member of my immediate family to enter the world of … [Read more...]