Nose to Nose and Five Different Accents.

It had been a long day at the end of a very long week. The birthday party was the last item on the agenda. It was on the other side of town. After dropping her off I then had to pick up another child, drop them at home and head back to the supermarket. I'd been earlier that day and forgotten the one crucial element for dinner. Don't you hate that? … [Read more...]

The Day that Dad Auditioned for X Factor

I could hear G wandering around, I didn't open my eyes, I didn't need to, I could follow his movements with my ears. Cupboard opening (jocks and socks) cupboard closed. Electric toothbrush on, tap running. Cupboard opening again (dental floss) cupboard closed. Cupboard opening, a suit came off the hanger, a shirt, a tie. Cupboard closed. A belt was … [Read more...]