Boneyless in the USA

Okay, so this isn't so much a blog post, but more of a public service announcement. It has come to my attention (thanks to my Aussie mate Nikki who is currently living in the US) that there has been a great travesty in the music world. I'm here to make it right. If you were growing up in Australia in the late 70's and early 80's, Sunday … [Read more...]

The 12 Days of Doha

Photo sourced from Life Abroad By CatieAnneIt's been three years since we made the move to Doha, and it remains to be one of our best decisions as a family. I give the same spiel often when talking to people about why we love Qatar; great school, great weather (apart from those few blistering months), true friends and huge opportunities. G loves … [Read more...]

Geographical Triggers

It's the reindeers.We had three of them in our front yard in Canada. I'd never seen them before living in North America, and I thought they were hysterical. Is it fair to say that the majority of the population does lights in North America over the Holiday season? Everyone on our street did. It didn't matter which religion or nationality - there … [Read more...]

It’s just bloody marvelous

How was it? Did you do it? You know. Christmas? Did you partake?If you didn't. Congratulations, you're definitely about 5 kilos lighter than me right now and I imagine your bank balance is looking a little healthier than mine. If you did, Merry Christmas, well done, take a deep breath, it's over.We went to the Four Seasons in Doha this year and it … [Read more...]

Christmas in the Middle East.

So what's it like to spend Christmas in the Middle East?Earlier this week I wrote something for the Telegraph observing that "Christmas in Doha can be a little bit like looking for the lid to a tupperware container in the back of your cupboard, you know it's there - you just have to search for it".It's possible if you're living in the west, … [Read more...]

A Christmas Thriller

It appears we still have some work to do when it comes to the story of Christmas.Last year we had the Easter story conversation in the car; you may remember the First Little Traveler announcing with great confidence that she knew the names of Jesus's parents "Lilly and James". When I raised an eyebrow she thought for a moment and then clicked that … [Read more...]

Is your Santa fat or skinny?

During our time in Libya I became friends with woman called Petra who was from the Netherlands. Petra was tall, skinny, blonde, blue eyed and had beautiful olive skin, she was a nightmare to stand next to at the pool. Unfortunately for white pasty me, we were in Libya which is really hot, so we had to stand by the pool a lot.When we weren't … [Read more...]

What are you celebrating?

Like most people, I'm a big fan of public holidays. Growing up in rural Australia meant we celebrated the bog standard Australian Public and Christian holidays, whether it was the Queens birthday, ANZAC day or Easter, I loved the anticipation that came with the lead up to a "long weekend".When I became an Expat, the holidays I had grown up with and … [Read more...]

My People

I was completely unaware I was feeling the way I was, until the tears came.For the past few weeks just about everyone I knew had asked what we were doing for Christmas. I'd cheerfully responded that we were staying in Doha. I'd listed the practicalities of how expensive it is to fly home, the excess baggage carrying presents back and forth, how … [Read more...]

Extended family

We're back! The internet is a little shaky (I often find myself pointing the laptop towards the sun) but we are back in contact with the outside world. We have moved in to our compound and the little travelers are very happy with their new lifestyle. Things are looking a little dodgy with our shipment. After being told it was in Doha we were then … [Read more...]