Don’t Forget You’re Fabulous

I was scrolling my way through a lazy Saturday afternoon when a picture of an unusually buxom woman popped up on my screen. My first thought was, those boobs can't be real? They were of the coconut shell cut in half variety. She was striking a pose. A familiar selfie taken in front of a mirror with a smart phone. I have fashion blogger friends who … [Read more...]

The F Word

I found a video clip of the 4th little traveller on my phone over the holidays. He was furious with his older brother and had taken the time to sit on the stairs and record a message for him. The message was clear:Fred - you are fat and moldy.You are so fat and moldy.You are so fat and moldy.And I hate you.He was not a happy traveller.By the time … [Read more...]

The Best Me.

Libya 2003I went through a stage in my mid twenties where I really wished I could have gone back and started again. I was sure I could have been a better student. I would have worked harder, well, I would have actually DONE some work. I would have learnt a language, done my math homework and actually read the books that I wrote essays about. If I … [Read more...]

Life Affirming Sumo Knickers

The first little traveler has a piece of paper strategically placed next to her bed. It has a little magnetic ball which keeps it stuck to the stand of her bedside lamp. On the piece of paper she has written these words. "I am not perfect and never will be. And neither will anyone else! We can only be ourselves." When I discovered the note I … [Read more...]

Just Call Me Beagle.

Yesterday, after taking the little travelers to school, I walked in through the front door and found the beagle standing on the dining room table. To get in this position she has to stand on the couch and leap across the room. I know this because I caught her mid flight last week. The beagle is not a lap dog, the beagle is a mid sized dog. She … [Read more...]