Before You Get Arrested

I have a friend on Facebook her name is Kim Berry, we have never met. I can't remember how many years ago that it was that I began reading her blog but she made me giggle and there was an immediate feeling of admiration. Admiration because she's had some struggles that I haven't, struggles which she talks about with honesty and humor. And maybe … [Read more...]

Why We’re Loving The Facebook Movies

I think Facebook movies may well be the smartest thing Facebook has done in years. For the first time in a long time I've thought about the beauty of Facebook rather than the marketing, manipulation of information, and oh god, algorithms, don't get me started on algorithms. Facebook, if I "liked" it I obviously "like" it, so please just let me … [Read more...]

Why Parents Have To Be Embarrassing

There are many ways a parent can embarrass their child. For those of you planning a family, or those with toddlers, you won't have long to wait. It's a move that arrives early in the game of parenting. Perhaps while you're at the park, enjoying a picnic. You notice a familiar face from school and realize you're one short for a balanced see-saw. … [Read more...]

Kirsty, you’re a douche bag.

She's right. It was naughty to call Adelaide the City of Churches and serial killers. Officially yes, it is the City of Churches but the serial killer thing? They haven't made that official yet.My post earlier this week on why I could understand Melissa George not wanting to rehash her past, provided a few blogging lessons.Be very clear about what … [Read more...]

Blogs Are Boring.

Blogs are becoming boring.They're like bottoms. Everyone has one.Blah, blah, blah.Share. Share. Share.Follow me on Friday, Share me on Sunday. Make me famous by Monday. Read me, READ me, READ MEEEEEE!Someone needs to tell you they're an alcoholic, someone else wants you to know they make hats for goldfish. Someone is co-sleeping with their eight … [Read more...]

Things are Changing Around Here.

“Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore.” -Andre GideWhen I began writing the blog it was really just a way of communicating with friends and family about what was going on in our life in Qatar.I think that lasted for about a month.It wasn't a conscious decision to start writing stories, I wasn't aware … [Read more...]

There Goes My Craft

I'm not really sure how it came to be, but I have a ridiculous amount of friends who either are, or have been, reporters, broadcasters, editors, and magazine contributors. As time has gone by I've watched them grow in their careers. They've moved towns and cities, networks and publications. Some have moved from politics to foreign affairs, others … [Read more...]

Nose to Nose and Five Different Accents.

It had been a long day at the end of a very long week. The birthday party was the last item on the agenda. It was on the other side of town. After dropping her off I then had to pick up another child, drop them at home and head back to the supermarket. I'd been earlier that day and forgotten the one crucial element for dinner. Don't you hate that? … [Read more...]

The Day that Dad Auditioned for X Factor

I could hear G wandering around, I didn't open my eyes, I didn't need to, I could follow his movements with my ears. Cupboard opening (jocks and socks) cupboard closed. Electric toothbrush on, tap running. Cupboard opening again (dental floss) cupboard closed. Cupboard opening, a suit came off the hanger, a shirt, a tie. Cupboard closed. A belt was … [Read more...]


I was reading an article on blog comments last month. Unfortunately I can't link to the article or copy and paste it for you, because I got half way through, stopped reading and moved on. It was an article written by a tech blogger informing me on why blog comments were redundant. I was going to write and ask the author about community and how he … [Read more...]