If you can’t write anything nice…

I travelled to London with a tooth in my pocket.The third little traveler had been taunting us all week with his wobbly tooth, it was dangling by a thread. Every time someone offered advice on how to remove his baby tusk they were met with the same explanation."I'm trying to keep it until I get to London - a British pound is worth much more than a … [Read more...]

No more.

Imagine holding a bbq in your backyard. The food is passed around, people are laughing and then the conversation switches from how well the garden is growing to politics. You've heard the Prime Minister/President is in town. Immediately everyone begins to speak in a hushed tone, you gather closer together to hear the story. One of you has some … [Read more...]

Just. Look. At. That.

When we were home over the Summer holidays (which were technically the winter holidays because we were in Australia), I spent a lot of time in the car with The Little Travellers. At least once a day I would stop the car on the side of the road and declare "look at that, would you JUST Look. At. That". One of the travellers would then sigh out loud … [Read more...]

I think you hit a nerve.

Yesterday, I may have had a little rant.  My rant was not about how easy or hard my life is, my life is pretty bloody good. I know that. But, my very first rant (on the blog) as one of the comments said "hit a nerve".My rant was about a joke. A joke that gets told by men. A joke that I don't find funny because it's not really a joke. I mean it's … [Read more...]