Do You Have A Querencia?

When I was eighteen and living in a share house in the city, I was interviewed by a communications student who was putting a short film together on young women. She asked me where I felt the happiest, where was my favourite place to be. The answer was instant and I imagine possibly the most generic of any child who grew up where I did. "The … [Read more...]

The Fine Print in Your Passport

If you look closely in your passport, you'll discover the fine print. The tiny declaration that somehow lifts from the page and lands firmly in the centre of your brain as you step foot on foreign soil. The fine print that declares that you have just become a self appointed ambassador for your country.It will begin slowly. You'll realize in your … [Read more...]

Get a Job.

In my twenties I sheepishly returned to my hometown with my tail between my legs, I'd dropped out of University and really didn't have anywhere else to go. My parents were not particularly impressed with my return, don't get me wrong - they were always happy to have me home but even I was getting a little sick of myself. I was big on ideas, … [Read more...]