Spoons with Hair.

Last year when I returned to Australia for the school holidays, I turned on the television and was greeted by a large number of spoons with hair. Women who I had identified with for most of my life, were looking a little "unusual". They were shiny, smooth replicas of themselves. The men? The men looked exactly the same, just a little older. Oh hang … [Read more...]

Gwendoline Gleeson

I didn't know Gwendoline Gleeson.  I don't know if people called her Gwen or maybe Gwenny. I know she was a mother but I don't know how many children she had. I don't know if she worked outside of the home, volunteered or cooked a mean lamb roast. All I know is that she was an 89 year old lady, living in a nursing home. An 89 year old lady who was … [Read more...]

When are we allowed to get old?

Ask any little girl how old she is and its highly probable the answer will involve how old she'd like to be or is about to be. She's never just six, she's six and a half. My ten year old is constantly reminding me that she is soon to be eleven. Do you remember that feeling? Desperately wanting to be older? Dreaming about the freedom each milestone … [Read more...]