Something To Be Aware Of During Breast Cancer Awareness Month

I began my first round of chemotherapy almost twelve months ago. I had arrived back in Doha to be with my family after having surgery in Australia, knowing that the real fun was about to start. When it comes to cancer people change their language completely, it somehow becomes brutal and harsh. Everyone's fighting a war, referring to themselves as … [Read more...]

Had I Not Moved

Like many living in the Northern Hemisphere my Facebook feed has been full of recent back to school pictures. The most touching and personal one for me was a friend in Canada who posted two shots side by side. On the left her two girls in Grade 2 and Kindergarten, tiny little people with beaming smiles wearing the cutest blue pinafores with the … [Read more...]

More Breast Tape than a Kardashian at an Awards Night

Like many women of my vintage my best body years were hidden behind bad 90's fashion. High cut levi 501 jeans, bandanas and tucked in t-shirts. All of that beautiful skin, hidden. When things literally turned pear shaped, stretch marks on thighs and wobbles in the mid section, others were now bare, waisted. Wasted. Over the years the wear and … [Read more...]