The Kit Kat Cake

My friend Leah makes amazing birthday cakes. I've seen her make a perfectly round soccer ball (it really looked like a giant soccer ball), Minecraft cupcakes, and swimming pools with slides and ladders. Whatever phase her children were going through, whether it was Harry Potter or The Hunger Games, Leah has been able to provide the matching … [Read more...]

Coffee With The Ladies

This is a sponsored post, but it's also a little story... When it came to children and putting them into some sort of organized care, I definitely got it all arse backwards. The first little traveller initially wasn't keen. I'd found a spot for her at a really cute little preschool two mornings a week when I was pregnant with my second little … [Read more...]

A Gift To Share

I'd spent roughly six hours at the Ataturk airport in Istanbul which culminated in many glasses of cheap white wine and a 1.00am boarding time; it was fair to say I wasn't looking my best by the time I'd made it to the immigration line in Doha. The line was long and listless. As we shuffled along one by one, I readjusted my overstuffed carry bag … [Read more...]


The little travellers are home from school today. They are having "virtual" school day. It's a practice run for the next H1N1 or SARS epidemic, for when the school gets shut down and everyone is expected to work from home.Such a lovely thought.I'm not sure what terrifies me more, a viral epidemic of epic proportions, or home schooling.We are having … [Read more...]

I’d Want To Go With You

It is the eldest little traveller who constantly reassures me that everything is fine."It's all good here Mum, we're all fine, everything's fine"We've talked about this camp, a lot. A camp that requires a passport, requires a lot of discussion. She's been through customs and immigration hundreds of times, but this time she will be the one to hand … [Read more...]

Wynton Marsalis and his Horn

If you google "who is the best trumpet player in the world?" the name Wynton Marsalis makes a very healthy appearance on the page. It took me about 30 seconds to respond to the email from the little traveller's school, Wynton was coming to Doha and had agreed to give a short performance in the High School theatre.We were in.There was only one thing … [Read more...]

Living the "Suite" life.

After an evening of jet-lagged musical beds we awoke to our first morning in Doha. Our hotel suite would normally be enormous but with 4 children and 20 suitcases (the beagle is at the kennel) it has the feel of luxury camping. The hotel has very kindly upgraded us to a suite so we have a dining table that seats 8, a lounge area that has been … [Read more...]