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Sweet 16

I woke up this morning to find an email in my inbox from G. He'd made a video which I'm gathering the little travellers had helped him film. It's our 16th wedding anniversary today. Hip replacements require the acquisition of new apparatus to perform daily tasks . My mother is currently in possession of some ridiculously long plastic tongs, if … [Read more...]

My Top 10 Tips For Flying With A Baby

I had a question yesterday from Amna about flying with newborns and babies. "Can you do a post on travelling with a newborn? I may have to travel long distance with a 4 week old next year and am very, very nervous about it!" I said I'd get on to it. When I began to write a few things down it all began to feel a bit familiar. And then I remembered … [Read more...]

The Top 10 Signs Summer Has Arrived

After what has been a fabulously long winter/spring break, it appears the heat is now on. It's possible if you live in the Middle East you've never had to search for details on the current temperature, as your newsfeed is full of friend's photos of their car's temperature gauge. Competitions are regularly held on who is the hottest, and not in an … [Read more...]

51 Years Apart

  It began with this photo. I was checking for football scores when I noticed it roll through my twitter feed. A big, fat, heart swelling sigh. How gorgeous, how together, how beautiful. Having ventured into coupledom 15 years ago perhaps it's pure unrealistic optimism, envisaging my own stories behind the photo. A family, a simple … [Read more...]

10 Tips To Keeping Your Career Alive While On The Move

When I was 8 weeks pregnant with the first little traveller I began to plan out my maternity leave. I figured 8 -12 weeks away from the office would suffice. With mortgage repayments on the horizon and a junior account manager eyeing off my list of clients, I didn't want to be away from the office for too long. When I made my first visit to a day … [Read more...]

Saturday Night Menu Plan #1

I am not a food blogger. I repeat, I am not a food blogger - but last week when I mentioned our Saturday night menu plans I  promised a few people I'd share them. So here we go. This week is Henry Hotdog's week. Each time G and I made a suggestion "Noooooo, it's my week! You don't get to decide." Drunk with power. He kicked off the week with … [Read more...]

Top 10 Ways to Meet People – (And You Don’t Have to be New in Town)

I wrote a post last week about what moving to a new country can really look like. So many of you wrote me notes with your own horror stories. Holy guacamole, I thought my goat in the basement story was good but a few of you have really done it tough on arrival!Which brings me to my next post.Many of you mentioned that although you can laugh about … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips for Flying While Pregnant

In December I wrote a post with 10 travel tips for flying with babies. At the time, a few of you asked if I had any tips for flying while pregnant. I do! And so did some other very helpful people on the 4 kids, 20 suitcases Facebook page. I couldn't fit them all in, so if you are pregnant and about to travel, go take a look, a few of them are … [Read more...]

The 12 Days of Doha

Photo sourced from Life Abroad By CatieAnneIt's been three years since we made the move to Doha, and it remains to be one of our best decisions as a family. I give the same spiel often when talking to people about why we love Qatar; great school, great weather (apart from those few blistering months), true friends and huge opportunities. G loves … [Read more...]

Top 10 Tips For Flying With Babies

I had no idea why G was freaking out, I figured it would all fit in a suitcaseIt's getting close to holiday season, and I imagine for many of you this involves some travelling to see family and friends. For some it's a visit to the next suburb, for others it may require getting on a plane. Those of you who are travelling with babies know that … [Read more...]