Don’t Apologize For The Good Bits

A girlfriend of mine removed her recent family holiday snaps from Facebook. I know this because I wanted to go back and have a second look, I was interested to see whether they’d tagged in the name of exactly where they stayed. The shots were, as they say, picture perfect. The beach looked beautiful, the food fresh, every shot said come to Asia it’s bloody amazing.

“Where are your holiday photos? I wanted to get the name of the area you stayed in?” I messaged her.

“I took them down – my sister in law said something about them. It was just easier to take them down”

“??????” I’m not sure why I felt the need for six question marks

“She thinks I’m bragging, she said she’s sick of seeing photos of our perfect life.”

“WTF?” my caps lock were slow and definite.

“I know, but it’s just easier to take them down. I always feel so guilty when she comments about us not living in the real world.”

The real world. I wondered about the real world. Was the real world where you had family nearby? Was the real world where you took your trees and your parks for granted? Was the real world ducking into the shops in your beach gear and not worrying about offending someone enough to be arrested.

Yes, the real world is mundane and boring – until you don’t have it anymore.

I was in the shower when G came home last night and asked if I minded helping out a colleague.

“Their son is in hospital, between him and his wife they haven’t had much sleep. He sounds really tired. He needs to go and take over from his wife at the hospital and I think I should drive him. Are you cool to watch their daughter while I do that?”

Of course.

Sometimes expat life isn’t pretty. The moments where we’re out of control, alone, and a little helpless on foreign soil are perhaps not the moments we share on Facebook. Maybe we should.

We have to stop apologising. If you’re lucky enough to get some perks in this gig, enjoy them!

I produce a podcast each week with a girlfriend. It’s a podcast for expat women called the Two Fat Expats. The name is meant to be a play on words, an encouragement to live a fat expat life (plus we’re both a little bit fat…just a little bit.)

Expat life should be fat. Full to the brim with juicy experiences. Who knows how long it will last so don’t wait. Don’t apologise. Feast while you can. Live a fat expat life. And share your pics because I’d LOVE to see them.

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