A Boob Renovation

What a difference a week makes. This time last week I was devastated with the news that I had breast cancer. Today I’m elated with the news that I only have breast cancer. This was me on Facebook last night.


Today we returned to the scene of the crime. The same waiting room I had sat in last week in a haze. The same two women behind the desk. Women who last week were strangers in grey cardigans. Last week I sat alone, confused, and shellshocked. This week G is next to me.

“Where’s the tribe?” they ask, looking behind us for the children. “They’re very well behaved, it’s nice how they play together like they do.”

We sit for nearly two hours watching a multitude of women with x-rays, cd’s, and pathology reports arrive and depart. I know my surgeon is going to squeeze us in when he can, he’s waiting on my MRI results, he’ll know when he see’s them if I require a full mastectomy or an initial lumpectomy.

I haven’t asked G what he thinks will happen, while I know he’s practical and wants me alive, he’s also very much a boob guy. I’m reminded of Robbie Williams describing what is was like to watch his wife give birth “it was like watching my favourite pub burn down”.

“What do you think he’ll say?” I whisper in G’s direction.

G is busy reading the entire contents of the internet on his phone. He shrugs.

“I have no idea”. He’s calm, he’s always calm.

We wait a little longer. I watch young women, older women, skinny women, larger women all go before me and I realise cancer doesn’t have a type. It doesn’t care. It’s random. You can be rich, poor, fashionable or sensible. You can quit sugar, you can be paleo, you can do the 5:2, or maybe you can smoke and drink and forget to exercise on a daily basis. Cancer doesn’t care. No-one knows why it happens, that’s why it happens.

I realise there’s one person left when the doctor calls her name. He looks in my direction as he ushers her towards his room.

“Oh!” he’s smiles looking happy to see me “It’s good news! I’ll see you in a minute, but it’s good news!”

G’s favourite pub is to be modified. On Tuesday I will go in for a lumpectomy, they will remove the cancer and roughly one cm around it, they will also take a few lymph samples from under my arm. I’ll be in hospital for the day and home the following morning. We’ll then wait for pathology reports and find out what happens next. Chemo? Radiation? Who knows, but at this point the focus is on getting the lump out so we know what we’re dealing with.

It’s amazing what a difference a week makes.

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