Who’s Providing Your Music Fix?

steven page

Years ago G worked with a guy who had an enormous appreciation for the music of  Paul Kelly. And when I say an enormous appreciation I mean the way he felt about Paul Kelly was similar to how many people feel about their children, or their partner. When he wasn’t listening to Paul Kelly in his car he was listening to Paul Kelly at work, and if he wasn’t at either of of those places he was listening to Paul Kelly while he exercised, or listening to Paul Kelly in his home. Dinner parties were held with Paul Kelly playing in the background and after dessert had been cleared from the table he’d pull out his guitar and treat us all to his personal renditions of Paul Kelly songs.

Last night after I’d watched the fifth or sixth youtube clip of Steven Page I wondered if I was becoming a little like G’s colleague. I was doing my usual six monthly search to see if I could find anything new, getting my fix. I fell in love with the voice of Steven Page after my first Bare Naked Ladies concert over ten years ago. During our time in Canada I was lucky enough to see BNL live several times, and while I was devastated when Steven Page announced he was leaving the band I realised it meant more opportunities to hear Steven Page on his own.  While BNL are huge in Canada many of my Australian friends don’t understand my fascination – it’s simple, it’s the voice, his voice, I could listen to that voice over and over.

Do you have a Paul Kelly or Steven Page? Do your friends understand? Care to share a youtube clip?

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