Tell That Bored Expat Wife To Shut Up Will You?


My name’s Kirsty and I’m an overprivileged princess with first world problems. When I’m not sitting around gazing at the wonder of the sky and the fact that I fart rainbows, I choose to write. I do this not because I’m trying to make a living but because I have too much time on my hands. I am a spoilt rich bitch and an over-sharer – I know this because someone wrote an anonymous comment on a post once to let me know. Recently someone called “disappointed” left a charming but all too brief blog comment that my husband and I are part-time parents with too much money. Someone else told me (anonymously) that they couldn’t believe I’d been selfish enough to leave my children (with their father) while I had a ‘holiday’ in Australia (I had surgery which involved me accessorising with two catheters for seven weeks).

One of the joys of having your blog shared on a news site is that everyone gets to have a say, like yesterday when my post was shared on Doha News. I’ve been on Doha News before, so I was prepared for the onslaught. When you leave the safety of your own digital space you should be open to the fact that not everyone is going to agree with you, or like you, or in this case feel that you have a right to have an opinion. It took about three minutes for the first person to jump in – and then as the trail of this piece is terrible, this is useless, not this crap again comments rolled by, this one came. Naturally it was anonymous. They’re always anonymous.

“One of the big problems in places like the Middle East is the recognised condition of “Bored Expat Wives Syndrome”. It was usually cured by vast quantities of G&Ts while complaining about the hired help. However with the advent of blogging there is a new avenue for us to be enthralled with their new found freedom to express. They all seem to think they are “journalists” now….”

You all know how much I love the term expat wife. Well I love it even more when it has a bored in front of it. My little anonymous friend appears to have a problem with women expressing their opinions. I have to agree with him, I mean, who do we think we are? How dare we write, build a community and share ideas. Next we’ll be expecting to vote, hold positions of power, and maybe even, I don’t know, run a country?!

This writing online could get really out of hand.

My name is Kirsty, I am about to launch a kick arse expat newsletter which will help expats save thousands of dollars while living a fat expat life (you can subscribe in the popup on this page when you’re on your way out) . I look after four delightful (they fart rainbows as well) but ridiculously busy children. Oh, and I have a podcast, we talk about trivial expat women’s issues that we should probably just shut up about. None of this matters because I could spend my days eating Nutella from my navel and still be entitled to an opinion – bored, expat, or not.

I’ll be back tomorrow – I hope you will be too. xx

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