My Mums Have Been Together For 27 years…

In 2012 I was sitting in Australia recovering from a rather involved operation which had me sharing posts about my urethra. One evening, surrounded by catheters and white chocolate and with one eye on Q and A and another on my iPhone, I heard a girl called Maya asked a question about gay marriage and the children of gay parents. She asked if anyone had thought of how the change in the marriage act may change the life of a child in a gay family. She completely took my breath away with her follow up statement “I think that many politicians use the excuse that marriage is about children in their arguments, and they say we need a mother and a father, and everyone seems to have an opinion about our families. ..but it doesn’t seem that anyone is actually asking the kids what they feel, right? Like, we’re the proof of our parents successful relationships, my Mums have been together for 27 years and why is their relationship worth less than anyone else’s”.

She received a resounding round of applause from the audience. I joined in with them from my couch.

In Maya’s initial question she mentioned being part of a documentary and I immediately began to search for more information.

The documentary was in its early stages, it needed funding and Maya and her team were looking for donations. I donated because I thought it would be an excellent documentary, and I donated because after watching Maya for thirty seconds I knew she’d be a great storyteller. I also donated because I want my children to see more stories like these until stories like these become so everyday and mundane that they no longer need be made.

Last week in my inbox, I received the trailer to the documentary with an announcement that the movie will feature in Toronto in April. Check it out.


Well done Maya, I know you didn’t do it on your own, but I imagine those Mums of yours couldn’t be prouder right now.

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