The First Text

The first text was romantic, suggestive. The beginning of a romance.

“Pick you up at 7. I’ve missed you”.

They couldn’t get enough of each other.

“Did we really only have lunch an hour ago? Can’t wait to see you tonight.”

The continuation of a courtship, until the eventual proposal.

The newlyweds continued. Technology predicted their texts – buttons were filled with multiple options. Names appeared on screens, hearts continued to skip a beat with a beep.

“Feel like Thai food tonight? Pick up where we left off this morning?”

Life changed dramatically.

“I bought a test today at lunch”.

Sympathy texts came into play.

“I don’t know why they call it morning sickness”.

“Foot massage?”

The anticipation “the doctor said any day now”.

The false start “I think it might be happening”.

The next six months were full of autocorrects, a phone tucked under a chin while a pram was rocked, a bottle warmed.

“You have to come home now, I can’t do this anymore, I’m going insane” her jaw tight, her teeth clenched, witching hour had begun.

The romance returned, date nights, eventually a night away. Intentions shared.

“I can’t wait to have you in a hotel room all to myself”.

“I know, 8 hours of uninterrupted sleep!”

Over the years they developed a code. He left the office.


She had a meeting and wouldn’t make it for pick up.

“Can you do tonight?”

They talked about others often.

“She said Dadda”

“He ate it!”

“I’ll save you from the picture proof but WE HAVE A POO IN THE POTTY!”

As they sat on bleachers and sidelines trying not to look like those parents they texted their truth.

“She caught a fly ball!”

“OMG she must be ecstatic!!!”

They made their way into concerts, late, and flustered.

“Second row, left hand side – he’s one of the chickens”

“Aren’t they ducks?”

“What are those things on their heads then?”


They raced between venues.

“I’ll go at 8 with F if you bring H at 9, what time does L need to be there?”


“So no chance of a cuddle?”

“I could schedule you for Wednesday?”

The early morning text as she woke the children.


The unsettled feeling she’d almost forgotten about.


It had been more than sixteen years and she hoped for forty more, she couldn’t imagine a world without a response.

“Love You”

“Love You Too”

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