Texts and Emails Received From My Children

G and I were watching our eldest play softball when I realised I’d missed a call.

“Can you check your phone? I’ve missed a call from the house”

The younger three were at home with the babysitter.

I knew that if they’d tried G as well it was possibly more than the series of “when are you coming home” calls that usually begin within minutes of leaving.

As G stood up to move somewhere quiet and make the call I checked my email.

Received from Ms 12:

Hello Mummy, (it all started very politely)

and then came the caps locks

THERE IS A PIGEON FLYING AROUND THE HOUSE. I can’t find it so I am hiding from it. What do I do?

I looked over at G on the phone – aware of the chaos he’d be listening to on the other end of the line, he looked in my direction, smiled and assured our second little traveller we’d be home soon and began walking back towards me.

“You’ll be happy to know the dogs watched the pigeon fly into the house and then went back to sleep” he sighed as he sat back down.

These are the same two dogs that wake us on a regular basis to let us know a stray plastic bag has flown into the back yard.

I can’t start any more new projects but I swear someone needs to start a blog called texts and emails I received from my children, and if you don’t have children you should be permitted to use your mother, or inlaws.

How about you? Received any good ones lately?

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