We have a small problem in our house at the moment. Absolutely no-one wants to go back to Doha.

As the second little traveller and I made our way up the ramp from the beach we stopped to shake the sand from our feet. She slipped her foot into her sandal and looked back out across the ocean “I think this is the best holiday we’ve had yet” she said with a sigh.

“What makes it the best?”

“Mum.” an exasperated eye roll was cast in my direction “just look, look!”

Our life right now is a series of days which roll into each other; beach swims are abbreviated with lazy lunches, book reading, and visits with friends. Surfboards have been waxed, towels slung over shoulders and cold beers and icy soft drinks have made their way to the beach. We’ve stood chatting to friends while coffees have been ordered, the rules of “tippy go” cricket have been refined – one hand one bounce, six and out, tip it and you run. And while our life is in a perpetual state of bliss, it is completely unsustainable. No work, no school, no alarms set.

“Do you ever wish you lived here all the time?” I’m curious if the second little traveller is having second thoughts about our lifestyle.

“Yes. But then I realise if I was here all the time I’d miss it there.”

I’m struggling to put my head “there“. I have work in Doha that needs to be done and I just can’t get my head around it. It’s another world (the real one perhaps). I’m flagging emails without replying, brushing them away like annoying flies at a bbq. I have study to do that is taking twice as long as normal. I can’t seem to get myself into work mode, I haven’t been out of my bathers for such a long time – I’m wondering if it’s the lack of underwear that’s making me lose focus?

As G and I bobbed along in the water with a friend last night I saw a dolphin dive out of the water in the distance, after the initial fin fear had subsided I announced that it was these two weeks of the year that I lived for.

“Just look at this place”

We all looked back across the beach, the canvas beach tents lined up in a row, sandcastles, boogie boards and beach towels. The sunburnt cliffs towering over us as a back drop, we each took a sip of our beer and continued to float.

I’m just going to keep floating for a little while longer.

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