What Did I Have To Lose – Here and There

This week’s What Did I Have To Lose is one of my favourites. A mother talking about the loss of working mother’s guilt, an American woman losing the pressure to conform after years of feeling she had to contain her Americanisms, and a really interesting perspective on losing an easy answer to the question “So where’s home?”

I’ve said before that the question of What Did I have To Lose doesn’t need to be negative, losing something can be a positive thing – but I’ve had a few conversations with people who have really struggled with the concept. So, that being said, I’m changing the name. As of next week we’ll be calling our series “Here and There”.

I think Here and There is the perfect term for an expat, when we’re here we’re thinking about there and visa versa. The questions will be similar but we might investigate a little further, keeping in mind that we can’t really run longer than 5 minutes. What would you like to hear on Here and There? What would you like to ask?

In the meantime, here’s episode 5 of What Did I Have to Lose? Meet Felicity from the UK, Kelly from the States and Sarah who’s also from the US but has been living in Ireland for the past 12 years. And if you think you can hear a baby, you can, this week’s episode features two small babies who you can hear gurgling in the background. Oh, my aching ovaries!

Let me know your thoughts. Would you like to be part of Here and There? What do you think I should ask our guests? Shoot me an email contact@shamozal.com or leave me a comment here below…

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