What Did I Have To Lose – Episode 4

“When I ask them what they’re doing I really want to know what they’re doing. They don’t understand. If they can tell me just a little bit of what it’s like at home I can picture it, feel it, I can almost be there with them.”

This week’s episode of What Did I Have To Lose involved a few tears and a lot of giggles. Three interviews with three women who are living three separate Doha lives. Tara, a mother of four living the Doha life of traffic, school runs, and waving a son off to University. Julie from the UK who’s managing a business here in Doha and is passionate about food and wellbeing. Tiffany who is living the single life in Doha; she loves an off road desert adventure, meeting and making friends from all over the world, and loves her career as an archivist. I cried while Tara spoke of what she’d lost (her son) and why in all of her moves it had been the hardest loss to deal with. I giggled while Julie struggled to think of anything she’d lost “I’ve gained so much and lost is such a negative word”  and I learnt so much from Tiffany with her comment “when I ask them what they’re doing I really want to know what they’re doing”.

What Did I Have To Lose doesn’t have to have a negative connotation. It can something positive: maybe you’ve lost your shyness, your fear, your apprehension. I’ve loved hearing each women’s individual story – thank you so much to those who have let me share your thoughts. This week’s episode is brought to you thanks to The Travel Tree. Have you seen them? I’m getting one for the kids, a little tree personalised with our own travels. You can check them out here.

What Did You Have To Lose? Would you like to take part? Shoot me an email if you’re in Doha and would like to catch up for a coffee and a chat contact@shamozal.com.

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