What Did I Have To Lose – Episode 3

The thing about trying something new is that you learn from your mistakes. The thing about learning something new on social media is that you share your mistakes with the world as you make them. This week I’ve introduced music to the program – I’m not sure, I like the music but I’m wondering if it’s too loud? Once again things got a bit foggy and out of focus, I’m choosing to blame the equipment.

I met three new women this week and they all taught me something new. Each of them sharing  a new take on a familiar idea. This week we have Lesche from South Africa, Tereze from Czech Republic and Jo from the UK. I love Jo’s what she lost – skydiving! What an amazing bunch of women you are.

Once again, please feel free to tell me what distracted you, what you feel can be improved. I’m learning more and more each week which is a direct result from your suggestions and thoughts.

If you’re in Doha I’m always looking for new people to interview. Shoot me an email contact@shamozal.com

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