My Reality – November

I’m about to hop in the car to take my first photo for November. That’s what I love about this project, it’s not only made me take a shot each day, but it’s made me think about what sort of picture I want to take. I’ve made myself drive to places I wouldn’t usually go, get out of the car and ask people if they’d mind if I took their picture.

For those who have joined in on the my reality project I don’t think I can adequately express how much I’ve loved looking through your photos. Seeing your corner of the world, whether it’s a cattle station in Queensland or a sidewalk in Romania has been fascinating. What we’re looking at at the traffic lights, what we’re driving, eating, wearing and witnessing – our own separate realities. I’ve loved it.

So, here’s our prompts for November. I think this first one might be a bit hard, my apologies. I know not everyone has a market to go to – it may require some creativity. Off the market? Market share? Stock market?




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See you there.

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