What Did You Have to Lose?

What did I have to lose

Remember that mini documentary I was talking about a few months ago? I had a little go at making it. It’s not perfect, there’s a few sound glitches and my editing isn’t perfect but geez it was good learning how to make it. And of course now that I’ve managed to play around with this one, I want to do another one.

I’m thinking I might turn this into a series and do a clip each week. Would you be interested in that or do you think it’s too much? Would you like to join in? Let me know in the comments or just email me at contact@shamozal.com. Honest feedback please, is it terrible? I can handle it, no I can’t, I can’t handle it. Maybe just kind of honest feedback, or kind feedback with sort of honesty. Don’t you love how youtube managed to freeze it right on the fuzzy bit!

A big thank you to Catherine, Chris and Sarah, I was limited to 5 minutes so I had to cut out some really fabulous things that were said. They did a great job didn’t they.

So, what did you lose? What would you say if I interviewed you?

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